What Students Think

Alexander Brazill, 2012 Award Winner

BA(Hons) International Tourism & Hospitality Enterprise

"I applied for the Moffat Scholarship in the hope I could stop working as many hours in my part time job and give more time to studying. I have now reduced my hours and the drop in my wages hasn't really been noticed because of the cheque I received from Dr Moffat.

At the age of 32 I can't rely on parents or anyone else for money so I have used the check wisely and paid bills and other expenses with it. I am very grateful the financial help, which allows me to dedicate more time to reading and concentrating on university work and also reduces the stress levels massively. A very big thank you to the Moffat Trust"

Ewelina Malinowska, 2012 Award Winner

MSc International Tourism Enterprise

"I found the Moffat Scholarship very helpful. I have to pay fees for my modules. Thanks to the financial support I did not have to work as much and I had more time for studying. The money from the Scholarship were able to cover most of my fees. Second of all, being rewarded with the Moffat Scholarship made me feel this is where I should be and gave me much motivation for further development in tourism field."

Laura Mulhall, 2012 Award Winner

BA(Hons) Entertainment and Events Management

"The scholarship has allowed me to cut my working hours enabling me to concentrate on my studies, with these funds I feel that better grades will be more attainable. I am using the money to help pay for my car, which helps me get to university. I would strong recommend to other students to apply for it. I am positive it will be of great support to me in the following year, both financially and academically"

Matthew Lamb, 2012 Award Winner

BA (Hons) Entertainment & Events Management

"For me to receive a Moffat Scholarship is an honour. To be the recipient of such a prestige award is a highlight of my university career. Starting university I did not imagine me being ever the recipient of an award like that. I feel the benefit of having this award is a motivation to do well and succeed as much as possible in the final stages of university. To all involved in making the Moffat Scholarship work I thank you".

Matthew Skilling, 2012 Award Winner‌

BA(Hons) International Tourism & Travel Enterprise

"I am very proud to be a student here at Glasgow Caledonian University. I am also very honoured to receive such a prestigious award - the Moffat Scholarship. This recognition has given me a huge sense of self belief and pride, strengthening my capabilities' and enabling me to foresee a bright, future career within the competitive business arena.

It's very warming to be recognised for the hard efforts I have applied whilst studying for the various subjects I have tremendous passion and enthusiasm for. I will continue to do my best, both in university and out, as well as help and encourage any others along the way. Additionally, I would also impress upon future applicants to aspire to such a rewarding opportunity. The Moffat Scholarship has undeniably eased the financial pressure facing me during my final year of study, thus allowing me to maximise my professional and competent graduate development.

I am entirely grateful to the Moffat Charitable Trust, and again, many thanks."

Dumisani Kapanga

I am writing to pass my personal gratitude to the Moffat Centre for the opportunity a University Degree.

Last Wednesday was my graduation day, it was nice to get my degree and walk in front of the jam packed concert hall and shake the chancellor's hand. What struck me at that moment was that over four years ago, I could not have imagined in a million years that this was going to be possible. It has been possible because you guys gave me an opportunity of an education from a world class University. A lot of my friends from back in the days and millions of other people the world over would have wanted to get this opportunity and rather than considering myself lucky, I consider myself blessed.

Thank you very much for your invaluable support over the years. Needless to say, I will forever be grateful to the Moffat Centre and yourself. Please pass my person gratitude to Jamie Moffat for his generosity and the opportunity he gave me. If I can be help to you and the Moffat Centre in any way possible, don't hesitate to let me know.

Thank you very much. Dumisani Kapanga